Michael Hillier Author

A little bit about me

Writing is a passion that has been with me my entire life...

I have enjoyed creative writing throughout the whole of my life – short stories, drama, non-fiction, even some poetry. However my favourite type of writing is the fiction novel. There I can create fascinating characters and place them in challenging situations that they have to fight to get out of.

I get the inspiration for many of my books from family holidays to various beautiful locations in the world. Exploring historic towns and buildings has brought to light a host of untold stories and gets my creative juices flowing.

I have completed twelve novels to date and there are several others which are partly written. Eight of the novels have been published and are for sale on various sites, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo and Tolino. The most popular novel to date is The Secret of the Cathars which has sold substantially more than ten thousand copies.

I have split my novels into three groups – detective novels, a three-volume historical saga, and the Adventure/Mystery/ Romance series. This latter is explained in detail later in the website and it is the one I will be concentrating on more than the others in the next few months.

I have recently moved back to the UK from Spain after living there for fourteen years. I was born in Hampshire but lived most of my formative years in South Devon before moving up-country to further my career. I qualified as a Chartered Builder, setting up and running three businesses before retiring.